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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

World Of Darkness

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World Of Darkness
Katie Fox
People tell you all the time you can choose who you want to be ... forge the direction of your own path, but what happens when life chooses for you?
Haunted by my past, I’m living my life the only way I know how.
Emotionless. Disconnected. Alone.
A last minute change in assignment puts me in charge of protecting her, Julia Parker, daughter of the wealthiest businessman in Brookedale, New York. She’s attractive, stubborn, and completely closed off.
Worst of all? She’s affecting me in ways I can’t even begin to comprehend.
Being around her is anything but easy. I’m losing focus. I’m questioning things I never would’ve questioned before. I’m forgetting the real reason I’m here.
But when I’m with her, the constant darkness that surrounds me disappears, and the only thing that seems to matter is figuring out why.
*Please note: This book is a companion novel to its predecessor, Moment of Weakness. It is not a stand alone. For maximum reading enjoyment, World of Darkness should NOT be read before reading Moment of Weakness.
***This novel contains adult/mature young adult situations. It is only suitable for ages 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual situations.

Excerpt 1
“Roman, please,” she said, as I grabbed her arm and spun her around. “Don’t do this.” Her eyes, hazed with passion seconds ago, were now vacant.
My hands shook as I attempted to clasp her face, desperate to make her realize how hard this was for me.
Swatting my hands away, she turned her head. “Is this a fucking game to you?” Tears welled in her eyes, and her hands balled into fists. “Do I even mean anything to you, Roman?” Her anger took over, and she pushed against my chest. “Or am I just that piece of ass you can’t seem to tap?”
Is that what she seriously thought? That she was just a piece of ass?
I grabbed her arms, trying to get her to relax.
“Let me go, Roman,” she yelled, punching harder, her entire body twisting and turning in an attempt to break free from my hold. “Let me—”
“You mean everything to me, damn it!” There. I said it.
She froze, staring up at me with wide eyes. “What did you say?”
My heart pounded in my throat. “I said you mean everything to—”
Her lips cut me off, and I kissed her back, matching her desperation. She had no idea. No idea that everything she was, was everything to me. Sometime over the past two months, she had managed to find a crack within my walls, and when I least expected it, she snuck her way through, burying herself within a part of me that I didn’t realize still existed.
Julia had become that part of me.
A vital part that I didn’t know how to let go of.
Excerpt 2
Turning to leave, I took one more glance at Julia; only this time, I noticed the struggle I had failed to see before. Their lips may have been locked, but she wasn’t kissing him. Her hands were balled in tight fists, beating against his chest as she tried to break free from his hold.
Overwhelming rage gripped me, and my body closed the distance between us before I had even decided to move. My hand flew to the guy’s shirt, and as I tore him from her, Julia wobbled back. My knuckles collided with his jaw, and the crowd around us spread out, girls squealing and jumping back, as the guy hit the floor. Paying them no mind, I turned toward Julia and picked her up, throwing her over my shoulder.
We were done here.
I had all that I could take.
Pushing through the crowd, I headed toward the large exit sign that led to the parking garage.
“Put me down!” Julia shouted, her voice ringing in my ears. “What are you doing? The table is back the other way.”
“I’m taking you home,” I snapped, anger still coursing through my veins.
“I’m not ready to go home!”
I let her words flow through one ear and out the other. I didn’t give a shit about what she wanted. This wasn’t just about her. Not anymore.
Wiggling against me, she tried to pry herself from my grasp, but my hold on her tightened. I moved faster, knowing she wasn’t going to go down without a fight.
“Roman, put me down, damn it!”
“I will when we get to the car.” Pushing the exit door open, I started down the staircase.
“Roman, please put me down.” Ignoring her, I pressed onward, seeing the car in the distance. “Roman, please. I feel like I’m going to get sick.”
Sighing in defeat, I stopped.
The last five minutes had happened so quickly, I hadn’t stopped to realize how she might be feeling. I just threw her over my shoulder like some Goddamn caveman, desperate to get her out of there.
Gripping her waist, I slid her down my chest, setting her on unstable feet. Her body, soft and warm, pressed against me, and as she tilted her head back, I noticed a sparkle in her eyes that I had never seen before. No doubt a side effect of the alcohol, but beautiful, nonetheless. My fingers brushed against the exposed portion of her back, gliding against her skin, and a sudden spike of desire surged through me.
Julia stared at me a moment longer, and then pushed off me, breaking my lust-filled haze. She darted back toward the club, running in her heels as if it wasn’t a difficult task.
I took off after her. My arm circled her waist as her hand landed on the door handle. Pulling her against me, I dropped my mouth to her ear. “Nice play, but I meant it when I said I was taking you home, Miss Parker.”
For the second time this evening, I reached down and picked her up, tossing her over my shoulder. As I walked back toward the car, I couldn’t help the laugh that formed in my chest.
She played me.
Totally played me.
I sure as hell hoped she enjoyed it, because I’d be damned if I was going to let her do it again.
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About The Author:
Katie Fox was born in Florida and raised in Pennsylvania, where she still currently resides with her husband and son. A hopeless romantic, she is a sucker for a good love story. When you don't find her nose buried in one, she's usually found in her writing cave, giving life to the voices in her head. Since a very young age, writing has been her passion.
Katie has a crazy obsession with social media and loves interacting with her fans. Feel free to message her on her author page here, Tweet her @authorkatiefox or email her at authorkatiefox@gmail.com. To stay updated on sales and new releases, you can sign up for her newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!
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