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Monday, April 4, 2016



Cursed Cover

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About the Book
When I stepped into the dank depths of the Egyptian ruins, I didn’t expect to find something I’d been searching for my entire adult life—the tomb of the mysterious pharaoh, Nebtawyre Mentuhotep IV. And, I certainly didn’t expect the sexy pharaoh to step out of his sarcophagus very much alive. Lust soon overpowers reason as I fall down the rabbit hole with Wyre. He claims me completely—my mind, body, and soul. We only have three days to break a 4,000 year-old curse placed on him by his crazy ex. If we don’t, he’ll return to his tomb and take my heart with him.
Cursed Teaser 1
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Cursed Teaser 3
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The first book in the Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd series is now available for only .99 cents or FREE for Kindle subscribers!
“Don’t regret not reading this book!” – Amazon Reviewer
“Scorching HOT, incredibly SEXY, FUN, laugh-out-loud riot of a book!” – Amazon Reviewer
Thinking with the wrong head can certainly get a man in trouble, but for me, it could mean an end worse than my curse.


About the Author
DP Payne FB Profile
A Midwest girl living in Las Vegas with her husband and two dogs, D.P. Payne is a lover of all things kinky, romantic, and quirky. In addition to her love for writing, she is a voracious reader, avid watcher and critic of movies and television, and devourer of music like it is oxygen.
D.P. tries not to take herself too seriously; her prior career as an attorney was serious enough. In that vein, her series, Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd, contains plots that are a bit over-the-top, and laugh-out-loud funny at moments.
D.P. loves hearing from fans. She can be contacted at authordppayne@gmail.com or on social media.





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