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Friday, April 29, 2016

Pitcher's Baby

Pitchers Baby Tour Banner
COVER DESIGN: Mayhem Cover Creations
Lucas always thought that when he fell in love it would be easy, like catching the perfect pitch. The right girl would slide into his life as seamlessly as a ball into his glove. That's what he wanted. A typical boy meets girl, girl falls for jock story.
But that's not what he got.
He had to fall for the one girl he couldn't have. The one girl he shouldn't want. His best friend Aaron's younger sister, Charlee.
How could he not? She breathed fresh life back into his empty soul just by existing. Loving her was as simple as breathing. He just did and nothing would change that.
Now if only he could convince her of that.
Charlee Cooper isn't interested in starting another relationship. The scars from her past left her feeling like it would be impossible to ever truly love someone. It was a part of her life she had come to accept. She has her daughter and that is all the love she will ever need.
When secrets from the past are revealed, the subtle sparks between Lucas and Charlee ignite into a fiery passion neither can ignore.
Will the heat destroy everything she is? Or will a chance at love prove the greatest victory of all?
You decide.
Pitchers Baby Teaser pitch
I don’t understand why this girl has this effect on me, but she does. I arrive home late this evening from our three-week sprint on the road, and after a hot shower, the only thing I want is my bed. As soon as I lay my head down, I hear her. Charlee. She’s weeping across the hall again. The sound of her dry, tearless cries rips me to shreds.Climbing from the bed, I tap on her door and then let myself in. “Charlee?” She doesn’t answer, even though I know she’s awake. I think she is hoping I’ll just go away, but I’m not like the other people in her life. I can’t sit back and watch her hurt and not do something to help her. “I know you’re awake, Char. I can hear you across the hall.” “What do you want, Lucas?” “What’s wrong, Charlee? Why are you crying?” “I’m not crying. Just go away and leave me alone.” “No. No, I won’t just go away. Someone needs to be here. Someone needs to stay by your side and be there when you’re hurting, and since you feel like being a brat to everyone who tries to help you, I guess that means you’re stuck with me.” “Why do you care, Lucas? Why?” she screams at me. “What does that matter? Just know that I do, and I’m not going anywhere. Period. So get used to it, buttercup.” I can physically see the fight leave her body. Her shoulders slump forward, and she releases a shaky breath before collapsing back on her bed. I don’t want to be intrusive, but I also meant what I said, and I refuse to leave her alone to deal with whatever is bothering her. “Why doesn’t he want her? How can someone not love her?” I don’t have to ask who she is talking about. I already know, and it’s the same question I’ve been asking myself for a while now. “I have no clue, but I will tell you this. Something is most definitely wrong with him, not her. She is perfect in every way.” “You’re not just a little biased, are you?” “Who, me? No. Not at all. Look at her. One look, that’s all it takes to know that he’s a dumbass. Anyone who would willingly not spend every second of his day with her is an idiot.” “Thank you.” “I’m serious, Charlee. Speaking of spending time together, let me take you guys somewhere tomorrow. A date. All three of us.” “You want to go on a date with me and my infant daughter?” “She is a part of your life now. Any man who wants to date you is going to have to accept that the two of you are a package deal. So yes, I want to take you both somewhere.” “Okay.” “Really?” “Yes.” “Thank you. And I mean it, Charlee. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m right across the hall. Come get me. Talk to me. Please. Don’t do this to yourself anymore. You need to be in the best shape you can be for your daughter, and staying up half the night crying over scum isn’t the way to do that.” “I will, Lucas. Thank you.”  
By day I am known as Mommy, Wifey, Sister, Bestie. I live off Starbucks and Panera Bread. I am addicted to both. I am not ashamed. They fuel my soul and my body so that by night I can become the person I want to be. Author. Writer. Story Builder. World Creator. I live moment to moment in this crazy fast world and I cherish every single second of it like it is my last. I wake before the sun comes up every day and enjoy the sound of coffee trickling into the pot as the kids snooze on blissfully unaware until the brilliant sun shines across the horizon lighting my soul ablaze. I love brightness. It consumes me.

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