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Friday, April 22, 2016

Something Special

SS 1

Something Special by Nia Farrell

The Three Graces Book 6

Cover Reveal

SS Cover 
 SOMETHING SPECIAL (THE THREE GRACES BOOK SIX) by Nia Farrell. In a sequel to SOMETHING ELSE, Grace, J.T., and Nico honeymoon at a special BDSM resort. Grace will finally experience her capture fantasy…except the warrior taking her won’t be Nico. 105 5x8 pages, 21,578 words. ISBN-10: 0-9853145-0-8 Kindle ISBN-13: 978-0-9853145-0-7 Kindle Scheduled release date May 5, 2016 Chapter preview @ http://bit.ly/1RTMVnC Blurb.jpg

Grace Murphy, Anna James, and Rachel Givens aka Rae Simmons live in the fictional town of Posey, Minnesota. They call themselves the Three Graces, because their first names mean just that. Grace Murphy is the local psychic medium who saved herself for her soul mates, bisexual American Indian musician Nico White and Latino veteran J.T. Santiago. Grace is submissive, Nico is a switch, and J.T. is the dominant in their MMF BDSM ménage. Before they met, J.T. had never been with a man. He’d never been serious enough about a woman to consider marriage. But Grace and Nico came as a package deal, and he’s fallen in love with them both. When morning sickness hits the house, both men bend their knees and plans are made for a very special honeymoon. They’re giving Grace the capture fantasy of her dreams at Replay, a BDSM theme resort where patrons come to play in the past….   Review

Goodreads 5 star review by K S

This latest addition to The Three Graces series is (another) resounding five-star read! I had read all three of The Three Graces books and absolutely loved them all. I've tried to decide which story was my favorite, but it's impossible to do. This newest addition just makes a difficult decision more impossible. Something Special follows Grace, J.T. and Nico, from Something Else (book one), after they have been together for awhile & are expecting their first child. It is told from J.T.'s POV. The author has given the readers an in-depth look at the dynamics between a triad of people in love - an alpha Dominant, a female submissive and a second male who is both dominant & submissive. It is amazing to this reader how this female author can so thoroughly get into the male dominant's psyche. As in the first three books, this story line demonstrates the level of commitment and love between three souls who live and deal with not totally common additional issues (PTSD, psychic abilities and living a "different" lifestyle) on top of the "normal" everyday obstacles of life and love. And, it also shows how even the strongest of personalities can bend and give to prove their love! I adored this novella as much as the previous three and am looking forward to reading more as soon as possible.   Add it to your Goodreads TBR: Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29908517-something-special      Excerpt

“It’s a shame you have to be on opposite sides. He takes me away from you. You get me back. I mean, where’s the fun for you if I get twice the action while you sit on the sideline?” I press against her clit, hard enough to make her pant. “They offered to have someone wear a little camera so I can watch,” I tell her. “And you know how I like watching the two of you together.” My cock seconds the notion. Grace is only five feet two, with a lithe body and a dancer’s grace. Nico is six feet tall with a runner’s build, lean muscles clad in copper. “I love the way his long black hair hangs down, tangling with your ginger, his red skin clashing with your white. I love to see you pinned beneath his weight, your pale thighs spread wide open, framing Nico while he takes you.” Not like a savage, though. That’s me. I’m the one who likes it rough. When it’s too much for Grace to handle, Nico’s more than happy to take one for the team, thank fuck.   Teasers

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