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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Something Special

Something Special Blog tour

Something Special

The Three Graces Book Six

by Nia Farrell

Purchase Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01F6FOQ0S In a sequel to SOMETHING ELSE, Grace, J.T., and Nico honeymoon at a special BDSM resort. Grace will finally experience her capture fantasy…except the warrior taking her won’t be Nico. 105 5x8 pages, 21,578 words. Scheduled release date May 5, 2016 Chapter preview @ http://bit.ly/1RTMVnC  

Grace Murphy, Anna James, and Rachel Givens aka Rae Simmons live in the fictional town of Posey, Minnesota. They call themselves the Three Graces, because their first names mean just that. Grace Murphy is the local psychic medium who saved herself for her soul mates, bisexual American Indian musician Nico White and Latino veteran J.T. Santiago. Grace is submissive, Nico is a switch, and J.T. is the dominant in their MMF BDSM ménage. Before they met, J.T. had never been with a man. He’d never been serious enough about a woman to consider marriage. But Grace and Nico came as a package deal, and he’s fallen in love with them both. When morning sickness hits the house, both men bend their knees and plans are made for a very special honeymoon. They’re giving Grace the capture fantasy of her dreams at Replay, a BDSM theme resort where patrons come to play in the past….  

Naughty Excerpt

I’m quiet when I slip inside the house, pull off my boots and socks and head down the hall toward the back of the house. Through the open door of the master suite, I hear: “How hard do you want it, Grace?” “Hard, Sir. Please. I want to come on your cock.” Trust Nico to give her exactly what she wants. Hearing them go to it makes my blood rush south. God. Damn. My erection tents the front of my jeans, demanding release as I listen to the slap of flesh on flesh. I can only imagine how he’s taking her. I open my zipper, pull out my dick, and fist it, getting myself ready to join them. Grace moans. Nico swears. “Jesus, sweetheart. Your pussy’s so wet. So fucking tight. I want to pound it, but I don’t want to make you sore.” She begs him to do it anyway. “Please, Nico.” A handstroke later, I hear Nico’s day-yum. Hmm. I wonder if she’s doing Kegels or squeezing him with those killer thighs, toned tight from the Irish dancing she does. Time to find out. When I step through the opened door, Grace is on all fours, her palms planted in the middle of the bed, her knees on the edge, while Nico stands on the floor, pile driving into her, taking her from behind. The muscles of his naked ass bunch and flex, beckoning me with a pull on my pole that’s goddamn magnetic. “Fuck.” The single word escapes me, letting Nico know I’m here. It also lets him know exactly what I intend to do. I never had sex with a man until Nico. He’s never begrudged sharing Grace with me, but I know for a fact that between us is where he’s happiest to be. Given the angst he’s been dealing with, I decide to give him a treat.  

Excerpt 2

I swear the clinic is fucking double booked. There’s standing room only in the waiting room, and half the crowd looks as green as Grace. We brought her puke pot, just in case, but the one time she heaved, she managed to make it to the restroom, so it’s still pristine. Finally, an hour after we were told to be there, they take Grace back to a room. Fucking HIPPA laws won’t let us go with her. We’re not married, and no one would mistake us for blood relatives, not with her Irish coloring, my caramel Hispanic skin, and Nico’s copper tones. Anyway, if we tried to pull that shit, they’d arrest us for incest. There’s nothing sisterly about the way we look at Grace, and the nurse with the cob up her ass can stop playing morality police and keep her damning looks to herself. Posey might have a population of 1,999, but Grace says there are at least three ménage couples in town, if you count Anna and the Thomason twins. Hell, given its size, Posey might just have the highest per capita ménage population in the country. I don’t know who started the trend. Grace does – only because she intuited it – but they aren’t aware that she’s onto them. Our girl can keep a secret, for damn certain. Forty-five minutes later, we’re driving Grace to the hospital in Charleston for lab work. The clinic faxed over the order so she could get results sooner than if they’d done the draw there in Posey. It’s more waiting time, getting Grace checked into admitting, taking her down to the lab, sitting in the waiting area while they take her back to stick her. When she’s done, she’s told to call the doctor’s office in an hour. Grace throws up on the way home, but the puke pot saves the day. We get her bundled and tucked into bed, and take turns watching her and the clock. When time comes, she feels so puny, she asks me to make the call and put it on speakerphone so all of us can hear what they’ve found. The nurse with the attitude reads the results. “You’re low on iron,” she clicks off, “but everything else is normal. The doctor’s ordering prenatal vitamins and something for your morning sickness. Which pharmacy do you want it faxed to?” If possible, Grace just got paler, the last remnants of color leaching from her face. None of us speaks. We’re all processing what we’ve just heard. “Hello?” The disembodied voice is impatient. Someone doesn’t like having to wait for an answer. “Culver’s,” I say crisply, alerting Nurse Ratchett to my presence. “Oh. Kay.” She clears her throat. “Um. I guess congratulations are in order.” “Yes, they are.” I say this, looking at Grace. My voice matches the look on Nico’s face, as soft and full of meaning as the hand she has pressed to her belly. “Well, then.” Just that quickly, the snark comes flying back. “Let us know if you want a DNA test run when it gets here.” Goddamn bitch. You can fucking hear her smirk. Steaming, Nico ends the call. Brother looks like he’s ready to slap on paint and hit the warpath. Grace gnaws on her lip, eyes unfocused, clearly in shock. Hell, we all are. She’s been on the pill since she met Nico, six months before me. Not that she needed them yet. Our first night together, she was still a virgin. Not for lack of trying, but Nico made her wait. She’s the psychic, but he’s a shaman; he had his own visions of the three of us together, long before we met. Grace had never been with a man, let alone two. I thought she might freak when she saw what she’d be trying to handle, my nine inches and Nico’s eight. Hoping to make her first time easier, I had Nico do the honors. She’d known him longer. She trusted him. They’d only just met me. I held her while he took her virginity, joined in once they got going, and let myself get lost in that virgin mouth of her. I claimed her ass before the weekend was through. We were all clean. Because she was on the pill, we took her bareback. We’ve been doing skin to skin ever since. We thought she was protected. Then again, this is a woman whose bathwater defies the laws of physics and flows fucking backwards down the drain when she’s done soaking the shit out of her skin. If anyone is going to be the exception to the rule, it’s Grace. Raising her gaze, she looks from me to Nico and back again. “You guys seem pretty calm about this.” I shrug my shoulders, thinking of what’s inked between them. My only tattoo is a tribal take on a triskelion, symbolizing our relationship and my commitment to Grace and Nico. I had it done just days after we met. We made love that weekend. It was more than sex. More than a hookup. It felt like I’d known them forever. According to Grace, I have. She says the three of us come back time and again, stronger when we’re together, missing pieces when we’re apart. We’ve had good lifetimes, and then there are some I’m still paying on, working off the karmic fucking debt I feel I owe them. They say I don’t, but if half of what they tell me is true, it’ll take another dozen incarnations spent cherishing them to make up for the hurt I’ve done. I look at my soul mates, first him, then her. Nico cracks a smile. He’s vibrating with so much coiled energy, his excitement is fucking palpable. Grace looks as fragile as spun sugar. I can tell, the hold she has on her emotions is tenuous, as stable as a house of cards. She needs reassurance. She needs to know that we’re here for her, needs to believe that we’re happy with what’s happened, unplanned or not. “We love you,” I tell the woman who completes us. “This baby – our baby – is an expression of our love. Now that we know what’s going on, we can deal with it. Right now, a trip to Culver’s is in order, and it’s my turn to run. I’ll get your meds. Nico, take care of our girl.” For Grace’s sake, I focus on my breathing and try to keep my mind quiet until I’m out the door and headed to the next town over. By the time I’m down the half mile driveway and turning onto the road, the inside of my head’s a maelstrom, swirling with questions, doubts, fears. Two men love her. Only one of us can marry her. More than likely, Nico is the daddy. Where the hell does that leave me?   Review

Goodreads 5 star review by K S: This latest addition to The Three Graces series is (another) resounding five-star read! I had read all three of The Three Graces books and absolutely loved them all. I've tried to decide which story was my favorite, but it's impossible to do. This newest addition just makes a difficult decision more impossible. Something Special follows Grace, J.T. and Nico, from Something Else (book one), after they have been together for awhile & are expecting their first child. It is told from J.T.'s POV. The author has given the readers an in-depth look at the dynamics between a triad of people in love - an alpha Dominant, a female submissive and a second male who is both dominant & submissive. It is amazing to this reader how this female author can so thoroughly get into the male dominant's psyche. As in the first three books, this story line demonstrates the level of commitment and love between three souls who live and deal with not totally common additional issues (PTSD, psychic abilities and living a "different" lifestyle) on top of the "normal" everyday obstacles of life and love. And, it also shows how even the strongest of personalities can bend and give to prove their love! I adored this novella as much as the previous three and am looking forward to reading more as soon as possible.

Review 2

Goodreads Five Star Review by Tammy https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1612892055?book_show_action=false I am so totally in love with Grace, Nico and J.T.!! No you did not miss books 4&5, they just aren't available right now, but Something Special picks up right where book 3, Something More left off. We see more of the beautiful threesome and I fell right back into wanting to just devour the story but holding myself back and slowing down to appreciate all that their story has to offer. I love that Grace can read her men's thoughts, there are no secrets from Grace, and I also love that J.T. and Nico can read Grace like a book, her facial expressions to her sounds and movements. We all get our HEA, but I am really hoping Nia will continue to write about all of the characters in the three Graces books!! The sex is scorching and you may be tempted to read it one-handed, I know I was!! This story is sweet and sexy and even informative. I learned a few things while enjoying this well-written story!! So I can't recommend this book enough!! It is FANTASTIC and worth the time and money you will invest in it!!! So please don't hesitate to buy this book, I promise you will not be sorry!! I'm seriously thinking about reading all four together just experience it all one more time!!! Very well done Nia, I LOVED it!!  
  Teasers[gallery ids="3144,3145,3146,3147,3148" type="slideshow"]   About the Author Hi, I’m Nia Farrell, author of The Three Graces Series, BDSM ménage erotic romances from Dark Hollows Press. SOMETHING DIFFERENT (The Three Graces Book 2) went live September 29th, and SOMETHING MORE (The Three Graces Book 3) was released October 15th. I’ve been writing for pleasure since junior high. Now that I write about pleasure, I can share the fantasy worlds that I visit and introduce readers to characters who remain with me long after their tales are told. When crafting a story, I draws upon a rich diversity of life experiences, which include singer/songwriter, prize winning needle artist, private pilot, Reiki Master/Teacher, crystal healer, psychic fair reader, jewelry maker, physician’s assistant, factory worker, waitress, genealogist, period reenactor, and children’s author. If this life isn’t enough, there are plenty of others to choose from. I devote hours of research to subjects outside my realm, writing what I know and writing what I feel, in which case being a clairsentient definitely works to my advantage. I live on a farm in Southern Illinois (far, far from Chicago, in the heart of “Little Egypt”). A seventh generation Illinoisan, I’m descended from Mayflower Pilgrims, American soldiers from the Revolutionary War to World War II, and Scottish nobility. I enjoy playing in the past and visit Ren fairs and historical reenactments in period attire, sharing my love of history and my passion for music. While my husband and two grown daughters may only read my nonfiction work or children’s books, I appreciate their support in pursuing my dreams, one of which is being published in erotic romance.   Author Links Nia Farrell's Website ➔ https://niafarrell.wordpress.com/ Nia Farrell’s Facebook author page ➔ https://www.facebook.com/?q=#/pages/Author-Nia-Farrell/1678898589004941?ref=bookmarks Farrell’s Foxes, Nia Farrell’s Street Team page ➔ https://www.facebook.com/farrellsfoxes Nia Farrell’s Dark Hollows Press author page ➔ http://www.darkhollowspress.com/#!nia-farrell/c1mop Nia Farrell’s Amazon author page ➔ http://viewauthor.at/NiaFarrell Follow Author Nia Farrell on Tumblr ➔ http://authorniafarrell.tumblr.com/ Follow Author Nia Farrell on Twitter ➔ https://twitter.com/AuthrNiaFarrell Follow Author Nia Farrell on Pinterest ➔ https://www.pinterest.com/authrniafarrell/  


giveaway Jpeg Nia Farrell's Giveaway on Christina Mandara's blog I'm giving away a $20 Amazon gift card, a signed copy of The Three Graces Trilogy (USA only), and 10 copes of SOMETHING SPECIAL in an Amazon giveaway. Nia's Amazon Giveaway  

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