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Friday, November 27, 2015


BloodVault Book Blurb

The Saga continues …

Hidden in caverns deep beneath Chateau D’Antonville in a misty French valley, lies a priceless treasure – the Bloodvault. Containing thousands of Ingenii blood vials, just one sip enables a vampire to daywalk.
For nearly eighteen-hundred years, the family has kept the vault’s existence secret from the Brethren. But now, the Rebel leader, Count Timur, has learned of its whereabouts.

Faced with an imminent attack on her family’s ancestral home – Chateau D’Antonville – Alec and Laura must flee Sydney to confront this new threat. But the Rebels are not their only enemy. With Count Timur leaking the secret of the vault, even their allies are demanding answers.
Will their loyalty turn to resentment and ultimate betrayal?

With the very survival of the Principate at stake, Alec and Laura must decide whether it’s time to share the secret and open the Bloodvault … or risk losing everything, including their lives.

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