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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Acadia's Revenge


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A toe-curling, nail-biting science fiction/apocalypse-romance series you won't want to miss!
Acadia King never imagined the catastrophic event she’d diligently planned years for would be an infection turning normal people into violent crazies, nor had she ever thought surviving a global pandemic would be easy. But now that the worst nightmare has happened, Acadia is damn sure defending her home against the infected is her number one priority. Nowhere near the top of that priority list is her personal issue of a younger football player inexplicably proclaiming his love, even if he's the hottest man left on earth. Acadia's stubborn determination to ignore her personal feelings for Rod works, but then tragedy strikes. Tryg Johnson, the psychopathic leader of the Iron Fists biker gang, is back and proves he'll do anything to get revenge on Acadia. Now Acadia is all about getting personal. Undying Love Series Acadia's Law: Book One Acadia's Revenge: Book Two Acadia's Apocalypse: Book Three (Fall 2016) *The Undying Love Series is written for the entertainment of an adult audience and contains strong language, violence, and sexual situations. Stay in touch and sign up for Tracy Ellen's monthly newsletter. www.tracyellenink.com
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Excerpt 1: TOE-CURLING ROMANCE! Rod lowered his mouth to mine, and I lost myself in his kisses. My desire for him roared back to life with every lick of his talented tongue. In seconds, his mouth brought me to that hazy place where nothing matters except getting our hands all over each other, and the throbbing need begging to be filled between my legs.     Excerpt 2: EDGE-OF-YOUR-SEAT ACTION!
Barbara whispered anxiously. “How are we going to kill it, Acadia?” I glanced over my shoulder towards the dark ramp. Where were my three Sir Galahads of the big gonads when I needed them? Yes, I pride myself on being a resourceful, strong, intelligent woman. But sometimes, like when certain jobs need to be done such as taking out the garbage, changing out a flat tire, or shooting the brains out of a jaw-snapping, vicious crazy trying to eat you, being a member of the weaker sex ain’t so bad. Unfortunately, this was not one of those times. “Babs,” I blew out a shaky breath in resignation, “guess who’s smart enough to know when she’s about to do something really, really stupid?”    

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Tracy Ellen was born in Indiana to middle-class parents, the third out of five hellions. She often used her supernatural powers to compel her family members to listen to her talk and tell stories. When that tough crowd laughed of their own free will, Tracy knew the world would someday, somehow be her stage. Now she’s a full-time writer living her dream. Tracy’s resided in the Midwest her whole life--in a small town, on a farm, and in the big city. Currently, she lives in the suburbs of St Paul, Minnesota with her husband and family. Stay in touch by checking out Tracy’s website, and then signing up for her monthly newsletter to be notified of new books coming your way, giveaways, and exclusive content. She also has a fetish about giving fun surprise gifts to her lovely newsletter members every edition. (Hint: She hopes that entices you to her website.)   Happy reading! 

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